Saturday, April 26, 2014

X Is For Xeric

This is something I wrote a few years ago. While writing it, I had to search for the right word that would, in itself, define and set the mood for the feeling of the piece.  It fit perfectly. So, for the X ....

An Acrostic Farewell

A bout the time you make a
B ee-line for the door, your once
C harasmatic-like ways gone to
D ust, you realize that all your
E fforts in self-glories and justifications
F lail in the wind of your
G ifted excuses and alibis that
H allowed your tongue and
I nstigated your ongoing
J ostling of
K eeping all your
L ies and
M anipulations in proper order
N one of which went without notice
O r observation, your
P leading and begging
Q uiver in the moment that
R ests now on your
S houlders as you
T ry once again to fake
U nderstanding of the
V olatility of this relationship
W hen all that is required is the
X eric atmosphere of
Y our being
Z ealously follows you out that door.

(c) Carolyn (The Bear Paw) Red Bear 2009, all rights reserved

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