Thursday, April 24, 2014

W Is For Warp

Whenever I hear "warp" I think of a time warp; I think of a scene in an old Star Trek episode when they were stuck in a time warp. After several cycles they discovered that the only way out of the time warp was to act at a very specific time in the warp. If they missed that millisecond of time, they had to cycle through it again, waiting for the right moment to break through. They made several attempts until finally they hit that magic moment of release.

For many years my life was in a holding pattern; a time warp that wouldn't budge or waver no matter what I did. When you're life is like this, you feel more like a robot, just going through the motions that are necessary, even if it's for other people, and trying to figure your way out of it. And you can't get out of the holding pattern when you don't know the way out.

I don't think there is a way out. What I mean is, I don't think it's something we do that releases the holding pattern.  Actually, I think it's a combination of two things: letting the holding pattern run its cycle, AND being ready when the holding pattern lets go. 

It's tough, I know, especially when a holding pattern can take years to give up its grip. Even after any lessons that were to be learned have been instilled in you well.

But there is that moment, that brief almost unseen moment, when it finally does release AND you're ready, even when you don't know that you're ready. Your life seems to have come full circle, yet you've changed, too, and you're left wondering, "What just happened?" Or "Finally! but WTF?" 

I found this meme that sums it up for me.

It's kind of how I feel about the next letter in this challenge, too.  X

Bear is still hibernating. When he wakes, he'll feel like he just came out of a time warp. 

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  1. I think it is something we do have control over. We don't have to just let it run its course.

    Precious Monsters