Thursday, April 24, 2014

V Is For Venture

We have ventured out the past couple of days, via my absence from blogging. A day trip was needed away from the routine of things. Our venture took us to a cave which had its beginning in 1848.

It was discovered by that man who was the captain of the first steamboat on the Lake of Thun. He and three of his sailors went up there to find out what this black hole was that he'd seen every time he was there.

The name of the cave is not attributed to the captain, however. It's attributed to a saint who came from Scotland to the Lake of Thun 12 years after Christ. Saint Beatus was a missionary who had come to Switzerland to evangelize and christianize people with his bible, and lived as hermit in the cave, after which made him a saint. He lived in a hole in the rocks next to the caves, which was for pilgrims, long before the captain found the dark hole. The cave is said to be 350,000 years old.

A lot of walking and a lot of stairs later, we were ready to head home. Here are a couple of pics I made.

This is looking up to the cave from close to the road.

This is inside the cave. It was much too dark to get good pictures in there.

This is on the outside again.

Bear was much too tired and hibernated all day.

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