Saturday, April 12, 2014

L Is For Lemon Tree

I'm really enjoying the planting season this year. I haven't done it in so many years I thought I'd forgotten how and that my thumb turned black. Even though I wasn't the best at growing things, I understood the nature of it. But some plants would just die on me. Well...a lot of plants would. Especially flowers.
This year, though, We've taken on a mini adventure in planting again. Mini, because of the small space we have, and also because we're growing only certain things just to see if they will grow.

Lemon tree! That's right. We planted several lemon seeds thinking that if any survived it would only be one... two if we were lucky. We dropped the seeds in some pots and forget about them.

Weeks later, while watering our house plants, what to our surprise, every lemon seed that we planted had sprouted!

Slow growers they are, but they are strong and look to be healthier the more they grow. So much for my black thumb, huh?

But now, what do we do with seven lemon trees?!  :D

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  1. Oh, lemon trees are great! A lot of people grow Meyer lemons in the area where I live. We have one in our backyard. I hope your little trees-to-be take off--think of fresh lemon squeezed over grilled fish, lemonade, lemon meringue pie!