Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q Is For Quote

Okay. I admit it. I am a Quotaholic! I search for quotes, save them, in a word document, till there are so many pages that I start another word document of... quotes. I've printed them out and had them in a small box and in a thick binder for whenever I would ever need those hard to find quotes. I have posted a lot of quotes and made some memes with some of them, something which I still do.

I don't know why I'm a quotaholic. It started in childhood, I'm sure, reading books and listening to stories and leaning in towards the teller who had become important to listen to. And listening to and watching people in general tell stories, and they always did, and not just with words. I think I set out very early in life looking for that perfect quote that would be an epiphany for me; for my family; for others; for humankind, really.

That quote never came to me, although I've found a great many good quotes that have had an impact on me.  Too many to mention here.

But there is one quote that has stayed with me. It didn't give me that epiphany moment, nor did it have anything to do with me personally. The quote is....maybe of a societal nature, I think. Maybe it has stayed with me because I could never find who to attribute it to.

"Fortune weeps for lack of justice."

It's an old quote, and one that stands the test of time: it's still true today. Maybe somebody out there knows who this belongs to. It would be great to know the context from which it was said, and a little biography on the one who said it.

Here is a meme I made. Photo was found in Google Images.

And Bear likes quotes, too, but he's still into the Peanut Butter cookies. 

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