Sunday, April 13, 2014

M Is For Mango

Out of all the seeds we've planted this spring, the mango has been the most amazing. We did not plan on planting a mango: it wasn't ever a thought.  We wanted to plant another avocado seed because the ones we planted didn't seem to be growing.  So, somebody, while thinking of avocadoes, seen a special price on them and bought one, but realized on the way home that it was actually a mango!

After doing some research on planting mango seeds, we decided to go for it and see what happens. We wouldn't be out anything if it did not grow because mango is one of my favorite things to eat.

And wow, the mango speed sprouted almost over night, and you could stand there and watch it grow by inches! The leaves grew fast from an saggy, almost transparent red to a full green that they are now, and the leaves raised themselves up as they grew.

Out of anything I've ever planted, it seems the mango would be the most exciting planting project for kids because of the speed in which it sprouts and grows. And kids would love eating the mango first just to get to the seed.

I'm really glad that someone bought the mango. It's amazing just watching it. And we discovered that the avocado we thought wasn't growing has actually taken root and we are now nursing it again. It's in the seed/plant hospital.

I'm wondering, though, how big this mango tree will get.  It may get too big for our small space, but I picture myself sitting in its shade on the balcony one day.

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